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Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer / Denver Sex Crime Lawyer

Denver Sex Crime Lawyer

No criminal charges should ever be taken lightly. This is particularly true if you have been arrested for a sex crime. The criminal justice system never goes light on defendants charged with sex crimes. In addition to time behind bars, sex offenders have to register as such, which deeply impacts their social status within the community. Furthermore, it can be difficult to find a sympathetic jury that is willing to listen to the facts of the case, and not simply go with their gut feeling about a defendant. Prosecutors know this and often use it to their advantage in seeking harsh penalties for first time offenders. Denver sex crime lawyer Reid DeChant at DeChant Law is dedicated to his clients, never stops fighting for justice, and has the experience you need to fight these charges.

Sexual Assault/Rape

Sexual assault is knowingly inflicting sexual intrusion or sexual penetration on a victim without consent, on a minor when the offender is an adult or a certain number of years older than the victim, or on an unconscious/intoxicated victim or a person who is otherwise incapable of giving consent. Sexual assault is the most serious sex crime, and penalties vary based on the circumstances of the case. Some defendants may be facing two or six years in prison, while others may end up serving a life sentence.

Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure is either public masturbation, or knowingly exposing one’s genitals in public with the intent to cause affront/alarm to another person, or to arouse or to satisfy the sexual desire of any person. Indecent exposure is a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail. Subsequent offenses after a conviction are charged as Class 6 felonies. It is also usually a Class 6 felony if the offender knew or should have known that a minor under 15 years old was in view.

Public Indecency

Revealing intimate body parts, other than one’s genitals, in a lewd manner in a public place or a place where it is reasonably expected to be seen is charged as public indecency. Public indecency also includes public sexual intercourse with another, lewd fondling of another. While public indecency is a petty offense, it is still important to seek legal representation if you have been charged with public indecency.

Other Sex Crimes

Other sex crimes that may result in incarceration, probation, fines, and require registration as a sex offender include:

  • Internet luring of a child
  • Internet exploitation of a child
  • Child pornography (possession, production, and/or distribution)
  • Prostitution
  • Second degree kidnapping
  • Incest
  • Invasion of privacy for sexual indulgence
  • Failing to register as a sex offender

Call a Denver Sex Crimes Lawyer Today

If you are facing any type of sex crime, you need an experienced Denver sex crime lawyer who will passionately defend you from the start of this process until the end. Sex crimes carry some of  the most serious penalties in Colorado. Contact Denver sex crime lawyer Reid DeChant at DeChant Law today at 720-634-6789 for a free consultation.