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Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer / Denver Bail and Bond Lawyer

Denver Bail and Bond Lawyer

No one wants to receive a call from a loved one who was recently arrested. The thought of a significant other, parent, child, or other loved one sitting in jail, worried about their safety and their future, can be heartbreaking. But you may be able to get them out by posting bail. Denver bail and bond lawyer Reid DeChant at DeChant Law is ready to take on your case today and help you post bail as soon as possible.

Why Does Bail Exist?

While all people are considered innocent until proven guilty, arrested individuals are often incarcerated for weeks, months, and even years in jail, awaiting their court date. This may sound completely unfair and counterintuitive (how can someone be considered innocent, yet be behind bars?), and you would be correct. In fact, our criminal justice system profits off incarcerating people, both in the short and long term. Prisons profit off of convicted felons who serve long sentences, while county jails and bail bond companies profit off of recently arrested pretrial individuals. While bail is used to ensure that a defendant does not simply run off once they are released pretrial, middle and working class individuals are often forced to hire a bail bondsman to front the money. This can cause financial hardship for years to come. And, it should be noted, that bail bond lobbyists have helped shape various state laws that favor the economic well-being of commercial bail bond companies, not the American public.

How Does Bail Work in Colorado?

Bail is collateral—it is essentially a financial promise that they will show up to all future court proceedings. Failing to do so means that the person who posted bail will not get their money back. If you cannot afford to pay bail out of your own finances, you can find a bail bond company that will front the money for you/your loved one. Their non refundable premium should be capped at 15 percent of the amount of the bond. The company will secure collateral for the rest of the bail, meaning you will lose the other 85 percent if your loved one misses their court date. Bail bond companies will go to extreme lengths to get back every dollar they are owed.

Call a Denver Bail and Bond Lawyer Today

Many bail bond companies use strong-arm tactics by hiring bounty hunters for those who do not pay up. An attorney can help you find a legitimate bail bond company, and will help you understand all of your rights and obligations before you make any agreement. It should also be noted that for many misdemeanors, bail is not required. One of the most important things you can do for your loved one and yourself is to work with an attorney to have bail set at the lowest possible amount. Once we get your loved one out of jail, we can get started on a legal defense strategy to fight the charges against them. Call an experienced Denver bail and bond lawyer at DeChant Law today at 720-634-6789 for a free case evaluation.