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Five Stars

I can't express how thankful I am

I really appreciate you and what you did in trial for me. I want you to know how much I truly appreciate you and the work you did from start to finish. I can't express how thankful I am that you are who you are and what you did. I owe you so very much and I will be FOREVER grateful and thankful that YOU were/are a part of my life in this most challenging time Reid. You are a great trial attorney and I’m extraordinarily pleased with the outcome and your expertise. I’m glad beyond words that you proved the facts and who I am and what took place and it is a great testament to your dedication, knowledge, and compassion about humanity. Reid ... thank you from the depths of my soul.

Five Stars

Reid’s the way to go

Reid got 3 possible charged dropped down to a driving ticket for me. No classes, no community service, and most of all no real stress because he guided me through the entire case and showed up to the trial with everything already handled with the DA. Hopefully you never need a lawyer but if you do, Reid’s the way to go.

Five Stars

Thanks for all your help Reid

Reid kept me informed and confident during my case. Plus his humanity to understand the details of what I had to go through shined through. Thanks for all your help Reid

Five Stars

Highly Recommend

Reid did a fantastic job on my DUI case. He fully advocated on my behalf and was willing to take the case to trial, which my previous attorney was not. Highly recommend.

Five Stars

Definitely took a load of stress off my shoulders

Reid was fantastic! He helped me through a DUI that I got in August of 2022! Anything and everything was handled by him and he kept me up to date with everything and made the whole process very simple! Definitely took a load of stress off my shoulders. He also got my sentence reduced and down to what I thought was a good deal! I would highly recommend him!

Five Stars

Absolutely impressed by Reid Dechant

Very satisfied with the Dechant legal representation. Impressed how prepared and confident he handled my case. Absolutely impressed by Reid Dechant as a trial lawyer. I was acquitted of my charges. I would recommend Dechant law to others.

Five Stars

I am still shocked by one the results that Reid helped acheive

Reid worked diligently to resolve two matters for me successfully. He was extremely responsive and organized throughout. It was a relief to have his assistance during a very challenging time. I am still shocked by one the results that Reid helped acheive. Recommend for anyone in need of a trustworthy CDA.

Five Stars

Always prompt and professional

Hands down the best lawyer in town. Always prompt and professional. He definitely saved my bacon. Stop looking around and retain him now.

Five Stars

He helped me get the best possible outcome!

Reid was super helpful, and very informative with me. He helped me get the best possible outcome! I couldn’t have asked for anyone better, trust the process and let them handle it for you.

Five Stars

The most thoughtful and intelligent attorney I have ever worked with

Incredible. The most thoughtful and intelligent attorney I have ever worked with. Very transparent every step of the way. Realistic about outcomes and really just all around felt like he had my best interest at heart the entire time.

Five Stars

He was quick to respond and very informative

I spoke with Reid about my case and he was able to help me. He was quick to respond and very informative.

Five Stars

Professional, knowledgeable, and well connected

Professional, knowledgeable, and well connected. I recommend Reid if you want a lawyer who will truly put the work in to win in court

Five Stars

Very compassionate, kind, and understanding

Extremely helpful. Provided much more information than I had expected for a brief consultation. Pointed me in the direction of useful referrals for specific needs. Very compassionate, kind, and understanding.

Five Stars

Great Lawyer!

Great lawyer! Helped me with a case while I was out of state!

Five Stars

He won't back down

Reid is one of the smartest attorneys I know. He has an immense understanding of the law, and vast trial experience in the courtroom. He's not afraid to fight to get you the best outcome for your case, and if trial is necessary, he won't back down. When you have a serious legal issue, Reid is the lawyer to call

Five Stars

Fast and effective, from the first call to the last one

Fast and effective, from the first call to the last one.

Five Stars

Amazing, 10/10 recommend

Amazing, 10/10 recommend. Reid is very professional and educated in his practice, i recommend him highly.

Five Stars

Thankful for him and his team

Wonderful experience with Reid. Very informative, helpful and on it. He was consistently keeping me updated and giving me all options. Thankful for him and his team, they were all incredible. Would highly recommend him for anyone in a sticky spot.

Five Stars

Reid made the entire process as smooth and easy as possible

I am extremely satisfied with my experience having Reid represent me and I would HIGHLY recommend Reid! After discussing my situation with several attorneys, it was an easy decision to hire Reid based on our initial conversation. It was clear that Reid's knowledge has been built from extensive experience and familiarity with similar situations. Reid was definitely the best attorney I consulted with, and going through the process reinforced that hiring Reid was a fantastic decision. Reid's communication throughout the process was consistently quick and informative. He ensured I understood important details and was aware of all possible options. Reid answered all of my questions and offered insightful advice to prepare the best gameplan possible. Reid persistently discussed with district attorneys to advocate for the most ideal solution. Reid made the entire process as smooth and easy as possible. I couldn't be more impressed by, and appreciative of, Reid's consummate professionalism.

Five Stars

I give Reid my highest recommendation

Reid handled a DWAI case for my son. He was extremely knowledgeable about the law in this area. He took the time to carefully review all the discovery and provided a thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Reid gave great advice about the options for resolving the case and the chances for success if the case went to trial. He was very communicative and available when it was important to talk to him. Reid did an excellent job and I am very pleased with the outcome of the case. I give Reid my highest recommendation

Five Stars

Puts clients needs first

Great Work, Puts clients needs first. Helped lowered my charges to keep me out of jail and helped keep my charges to a minimum. Was available when needed and had very insightful information on any question I asked. Would highly recommend Reid to everyone.

Five Stars

He will fight for you

I'm very glad I found Mr. DeChant to help me with my case. I hired him right before my case was supposed to go to trial. Despite the short deadline we had he made accommodations to go over the details of my case and made sure I understood what was going to happen. He was always quick to respond throughout the entire process. He was always honest and upfront about all the possible outcomes; which I appreciate. The case against me was dismissed and couldn't be happier I decided to hire Mr. DeChant. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal laywer. He will fight for you.

Five Stars

Diligent and down right effective

This dude is an absolute TERROR in the court room. I truly can not put into words how diligent and down right effective Reid is. It says something when you hear the DA trying to prosecute you, talking about this man as soon as he steps into the court room. From start to finish, Reid informed me of absolutely every single one of my options moving forward with my case. Made sure time and time again that I understood the potential outcomes of each option, and was there 24/7 if I had any questions. When filing motions, he also made a point to make sure my concerns were addressed to the court promptly. Hands down one of the smartest human beings I know and very impressive seeing him work. He got my case dropped and sealed T minus 18 hours before trial. 100% recommend and is now my one and only attorney. Reid, thank you!

Five Stars

Reid’s expertise made a significantly positive impact on my case

Reid’s expertise made a significantly positive impact on my case. I was facing a potential DUI felony in Gilpin County and Reid’s expertise made a significantly positive impact on my case. The charge was lowered to DUI misdemeanor in the interim before my court date. On the day of court, Reid was able to help get my charge lowered even further to a DWAI. Again, this is owed to Reid’s expertise as well as proactivity in getting me started on the court mandated courses, etc. prior to my court date. From my first contact with Reid, he had helped me navigate the court process by providing me with relevant information I needed. He seemed to prioritize making sure I was comfortable and understanding of everything related to my case.

Five Stars

I cannot thank him enough!

When the judge asked if I was happy with how my attorney presented my case to them. I responded, “Absolutely” I would recommend Reid to any of my friends or family in a heartbeat. He did an excellent job of communicating everything that could happen and what we will be doing from the very start. He provided me with the proper steps to ensure I could have the best possible outcome in my case. He was straightforward, honest, flexible and caring. Reid guided me thorough a very difficult time and situation. I cannot thank him enough!

Five Stars

Reid you fought hard for my case

I couldn’t have asked for better DuI lawyer, thank you for a Masterful job. Reid you fought hard for my case you where straight forward, clear communication and most importantly you won my case I’m grateful for your advocacy on behalf of me and my family thanks.

Five Stars

Reid will protect your rights

Highly recommended. Reid knows the law. Reid know all of the procedures that need to be followed. Reid will protect your rights. This was the first (and I trust last) time facing these types of charges. It is a daunting situation if you are not familiar with all of the moving parts this process takes you through. Reid knows what's going on. He takes the time to explain the process, as well as offer tips to help mitigate the situation. He reviews all evidence and material thoroughly; viewing and analyzing everything that is your individual case. Once he's done his homework, he diligently works with the DA to find the best possible outcome for you. Reid represented piece of mind while he represented me. He is non-judgmental, cares about what he's doing - and it shows.

Five Stars

One of if not THE best defenders in all of Colorado!

Mr. DeChant helped me through every question and concern I had and took care of me throughout the entirety of my legal battle. In my opinion through experience he is one of if not THE best defenders in all of Colorado!

Five Stars

I would highly recommend Reid

Reid DeChant is an awesome attorney. He is very professional and supportive. He understands that things in life happen, whether conscience of it or not. He fought extremely hard with my case and now he has more insight to things that can be unavoidable. I would highly recommend Reid.