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Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / DUI / DMV Consequences and Required Classes After a DUI/DWAI

DMV Consequences and Required Classes After a DUI/DWAI


If you are convicted of a DUI or DWAI in Colorado, it is important to know about DMV-related consequences and required classes. While it can be relatively straightforward to identify the possible jail-related consequences (or years of probation, for example) of a DUI or DWAI conviction, as well as the possible monetary consequences based on fine scales, it can be more difficult to understand the additional consequences and requirements under Colorado law. In other words, identifying sentencing measures beyond those associated with jail or probation and a fine can be confusing, and these additional consequences can vary based on the details of your case.

In short, a DUI or DWAI conviction will typically require completion of Level II education and therapy as part of your probation, and the length of the therapy requirement can vary. In addition, if your driver’s license is revoked due to a DUI or DWAI conviction, the DMV will require enrollment in Level II education. What do you need to know about these types of requirements? Our Denver DUI defense lawyers can explain in more detail, and we are here to assist you if you have any questions or concerns about your case.

Types of Programs and Requirements 

The types of education program and therapy required will depend on the specific facts of your case, and a lawyer can help you to understand the requirements you must complete. In the meantime, the following is detailed information from the Colorado Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) on the types of education and therapy that can be required:

  • Level I Education: Program of 12 hours of DUI education that occurs at least over a 3-day period and is conducted in a group or in a class (typically only required for a first-time impaired driving offense without a high BAC or chemical test refusal);
  • Level II Education: Program of 24 hours of DUI education over a period of 12 weeks and is conducted in a group setting with a limit of 12 people (typically required for DUI/DWAI offenses, and may be required on its own or with Level II Therapy to follow);
  • Level II Therapy: Program that comes after Level II Education and can be for a period of 5-10 months depending on the person’s “track placement,” which is based on various factors and standard BHA guidelines (typically required for DUI/DWAI offenses involving required Level II Education); and
  • Level II Four Plus/Track F: Program that is a treatment program for people with 4 or more DUI/DWAI offenses that takes at least 18 months and must include at least 180 clinical contact hours (only for people with four or more DUI/DWAI offenses).

Contact Our Denver DUI Defense Attorneys 

The consequences of a DUI or DWAI conviction in Colorado can be severe, and some of the requirements might not always be clear to a person who is facing charges or has been convicted. Whether you are currently facing charges and need assistance building a strong defense, or you have been convicted and need help determining the specific requirements you must complete for the DMV or other aspects of Colorado law, an experienced Denver DUI defense lawyer at DeChant Law can speak with you today. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.



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